"A Dream for Annie" and "Fox and the Rest of Us"

I'm very pleased to announce two more of my stories are available for download on Amazon. These are two of my favorites. They're older stories that were a bit too long/"goddy" to find homes, so I'm excited to finally share them. Oh, and did I mention they're FREE from December 31st, 2011 - January 4th, 2012? Pretty rad. And if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can read them for free whenever. (To make this possible, I had to promise the book elves at Amazon a 90-day exclusivity period, so no Smashwords yet; I'll put them up there as soon as the 90 days are over.)

 "A Dream for Annie" is maybe the first story I ever wrote that made me think I could be a writer. It's been dusted off and cleaned up since it's birth in late 2005. I passed it around to some of my older relatives back then, and the general consensus was "it's too sexy." By which, I can only assume, they meant, "Sex was mentioned in this more than twice, so it's smut." ;)

Here's a brief description of the story:

"When Ronald and Annie's marital spats take a turn for the worse, Ronald fears something dark may be taking root inside him. A stranger, a handshake, and twenty dollars later, Ronald discovers the cost of reclaiming true love (and himself) may be higher and more horrible than he ever imagined."

Check out "A Dream for Annie" on Amazon.

"Fox and the Rest of Us" came out of nowhere one night after watching Seven Samurai. It's perhaps the most violent of the three stories I've published under this name; there's some pretty bad-ass, comic-book-style Preacher stuff. I used to watch exorcism movies and think, "Nothing works. Why are these priests so worthless? Why can't we just once get a real Godslinger in there?"

Ooo. Godslinger. That's mine. You can't have it. Dibs.


"When the people of the small Nebraska town of Post begin to realize what Fox and his four friends really are, a bloody conflict ensues, pitting Fox and the others against a terrible enemy who will drive them to the edge of extinction--and possibly redemption."

"Fox and the Rest of Us" is also on Amazon. Enjoy.

A final note for those people who actually know who I am (you are no doubt snickering at my vain attempts at secrecy):

If you know me or you know someone who knows me, PLEASE DO NOT REVIEW these stories on Amazon. Like them, share them, tell your friends, pimp the poo out of them, but please-oh-please don't review them.(If, on the other hand, you are just a regular ol' reader who stumbled across this blog and my stories, go right ahead and give them an honest review. Nothing would please me more.) I'm trying something a little different with these two: instead of promoting them into the ground, I'm going to let them develop naturally and see where the system takes them. So please don't pee in the beakers and spoil my experimental fun. That is all.

I don't have any immediate plans to publish any stories under this name, but there will be more up eventually. My other stories are currently tied up, either by appearing in magazines or trying to appear in magazines. I've got one story I'm toying with; we could see that one up here sooner rather than later. We'll see.

Happy reading. :)

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